A real expertise in swimming pool:

this is what our customers expect from us

Our swimming pool expertise enable us to propose to our clients plans and advice for the construction or the renovation of swimming pools and spas.

We have already helped  many customers in the s corners of the world, so why not you ?

I love in Paris but I have a project in Comoros. There are no pool builders on the island and I need the project design, the building plans and also the site management. How can you help me

The general plan

Monsieur et Madame S.

The Comoros Islands

I run a construction company and I am building a new swimming pool. I have no problem for the masonry but I don’t know how to install the filtration. I need a plan for the pipes and another one for the installation of the filtration in the technical room

The filtration layout 

Mr F

The French West Indies

I a a swimming pool builder in Lagos but I only build skimmers pool. I have a request for an infinity pool. I need a complete file to present to the client: plan, section and sketch.

The project

Mr S