The bathing season will soon be over and it is time to think about the improvements you could make to your pool.There is many option to enhance a swimming pool.

For many reasons, already explained in this article, it is more interesting to build or modify a swimming pool during the winter, rather than waiting for spring to worry about it.

But there are many ways to give your pool a make over without spending a fortune. Here are some ideas we have often implemented:

Creating an overflow

Many swimming pools run with skimmers and not many people believe it is possible to change the principle of water circulation. However, these works are quite simple to carry out and they consist mainly of:

  • Removing the skimmers.
  • Creating an overflow profile in order to raise the water level which enables the water to join the filtration group.
  • Building a gutter on one side for a cascade effect or an edge level one for a mirror effect. Its role is to guide the water from the pool to the balancing tank; this is essential to the proper functioning of an overflow pool. The balancing tank will be built right up against the pump room. Sometimes we recommend to use prefabricated tanks; in case of small pools, the gutter can run as a tank.
  • Changing the filtration group – although this step can be omitted if the overflow profile is well done and on one side.

When possible, mainly in case of deep swimming pools, it is advisable to fit inlets at the bottom of the pool. This allows a better mixing of the water and a decrease in water depth.

The advantages of this transformation are numerous: it improves the quality of the water since all the surface water is filtered. If you have an unobstructed view, the infinity overflow will enhance the look of your pool as well as the rest of your garden.

Special cases: For aesthetic reasons, for example in the case of a remarkable view, a peripheral overflow can be transformed into mixed overflow by creating a infinity overflow on one side.

Replacing the grid of a mirror overflow by a stone

Before, gutters of an edge level swimming pool would be covered with unsightly plastic grids. Today there are many other solutions, such as the creation of a slit between 2 stones or the use of a perforated stone which allows the water to pass through. The choice of the solution is to be studied according to the shape of the pool, the profile of the existing overflow, etc.

Creating a massage bench

The construction of a bench in the pool and the integration of some Venturi outlets, allowing easy water-to-air mixing without the use of blower type devices, is an easy solution to implement.
There are certainly more complex solutions used by spas or hydromassage pools but they exceed most people’s budgets.

By building a bench inside the swimming pool, the massage jets do not cross its walls and so the chances of leaks are reduced. Consequently, only requiring a single pipe to connect the entire circuit of the massage jets. In addition to this, it will be easier to fit to Venturi jets in the bench back seat if it is made of flat bricks. The use of flexible PVC pipes in this project is highly recommended.
In this configuration the connection of air regulators above the level of the water, as well as lights, is possible.

Reducing the swimming pool depth

The depth of the pools built over the past 30 years have been steadily declining. If the standard was about 2 m in the 80’s, today it is 1.30 to 1.40 m. This trend is in the direction of savings, but also of security. Indeed, for a basin of about 30 m², the volume decreases from 60 m³ to 39 m³, thus allowing a reduction in the consumption of chemical products. The lowered capacity leads to cheaper automatic systems as they have less water to treat.
This work can be done when a change of lining for your swimming pool is desired.

Nota: If you want to raise the bottom of your pool, this can be an opportunity to create an overflow and install bottom inlets, or even an integrated cleaning system.

Minor technical changes

The enhancement of a swimming pool also depends on the quality of the water and there is often a lot to do in this area. The main adaptations are:

Changing the filter media: why not think of adopting recycled glass or zeolite that does not require a filter change and offers a much better filtration quality and a much less stringent maintenance.

The installation of a multi cyclone pre-filter: ​​Installed before the pump it allows to catch the large impurities and reduces the fouling of the filter. Still barely used, it should attract many new costumers, because it reduces the number of filter backwashes and saves a lot of water.

The installation of a more environmental-friendly and overall healthier treatment: there are now other options than the chlorine tablets: salt treatment, active oxygen, ionizer, ultraviolet, etc.

How could I enhance the look of my swimming pool?

If you
have found yourself asking this question, you can contact us by explaining what you want, what your budget is and the amount of work you are willing to do. We will try our best to offer you the solution that will fully meet your interests. We are independent consultants and our concern is to help you have the swimming pool you dream of, starting from the one you currently own.

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