Building his own pool is  possible if you have the right tools. Therefore, we think it is important to explain here the steps that should always precede the construction of pools or spas.

The philosophy and the various parts of the work of a designer (in the Anglo-Saxon sense of the term) are somewhat unknown in Europe.  A builder speaks globally of a turnkey pool, without even sometimes detailing the supplied equipment or their installation; The work of the designer is justified by an original creation, but not only. The documents provided and his assistance must enable you significant savings.

The creation phase

The creation or The design of the project is undoubtedly the most important step for the future owner of the pool. Bearing in mind your specific wishes, your imperatives and the site, the project’s guiding idea takes shape first in our head and then on paper. Sometimes, we don’t agree the location of a project because the one originally chosen leads to big work of under-work or does not allow to enjoy the whole view. In this case, we propose a new location.

At this his stage of the process and after your approval of the pre-concept ,  we provide you two documents:
A general plan that allows to appreciate the shape of the pool and check its consistency with the size and shape of the terrain, but also its gradients; The dimensions of the house must also be taken into account. All the measurements required for the building should be included in the plan

A cut is useful for anyone who wants to build a pool on his own; It is however indispensable for building a pool with a sloping bottom, the construction of the stairs or a submerged beach.

The visualization phase

This step is not mandatory but it allows to have a better approach to what the pool will be completed. The sketch can be done by hand for those who appreciate the artistic but nonetheless realistic side. The main criticism that can be made to it st that it gives a frozen image of the project.

3D video allows you to view the pool from all angles. It  will seduce the fans of the new technologies. You have an example of Pool Visualization in video Here.

Whatever the formula you choose, it can help you to better understand the project.

Technical drawings

Thanks to these layouts you know the position of all the fittings (inlets, wall conduits, drain, skimmers if necessary). The pipes networks will be fitted in a logical way. It is sometimes imperative to split the pipes but not always; In this case and depending on the distance between the pump room and the swimming pool, this can allow real savings.

The layout of the technical room is a visualization aid and allows you to know how and where to fit the various equipment of the pool.

The technical drawings must, if possible, be coupled with a listing of the materials; In our case we provide a complete list without any imposed trade mark.

Why build my own pool ?

First of all for the satisfaction of having a project that looks like you and in which you will actively participate. But the auto-construction can be considered in several ways:

  • Build the pool alone because you know about masonry and you are handy enough to handle the filtration. You can also call friends to the rescue! You remain master of the progress of the site and the purchases.

  • Work with  a mason or a plumber or both if you have no particular skill. In any case you always master the equipment purchases and the progress of the works.

In any case, you will have a swimming pool which you like and you will be able to save thousands.

Building a pool  is in the air of time and you, are you ready to take the plunge ? If yes see our page Personalized Pool project.


The end