The filtration is the motor of the swimming pool and is, therefore, the most important part. When you think about it, the swimming pool itself is only a tank, made of concrete, blocks or any other material, which will contain water. Providing safe swimming water is the task of the filtration and the optional equipment.

Well thought-out swimming pool filtration

To be well thought out, a filtration must first be well “calibrated”, ie take into account the volume of the pool, the position of the technical room, but also the climatic conditions and the number of bathers, at least for swimming pools receiving a large number of people.

All this is done easily by simple calculations and using the efficiency curve of the pump which differs according to the manufacturers, even for an similar power.

Well-designed filtration

However, we consider, and fortunately are not the only ones, that a filtration must be well fitted. To achieve this, the only solution remains a plan made from the exact dimensions of the space. In this way losses are minimized, pipe lengths, elbows, etc. are limited and the work of the plumber, as well as the future maintenance, are greatly facilitated.

An example

Below is a filtration made very recently by a plumber (not a swimming pool specialist) in an Asian country from our plans.

This private infinity pool measures 10m x 6m with a spa overflowing in the pool (5 Venturi jets)

The equipment includes:

  • A 2 HP filtration unit with diatom filter
  • A cyclonic pre-filter installed before the pump. Working on the centrifugal force of the water, it captures the biggest impurities and reduces filter fouling. It is compatible with all filters.
  • An ionizer coupled to a salt electrolyzer
  • An automatic pH control pump
  • An independent massage pump for the Spa with pneumatic contact

The balancing tank is equipped with an automatic water supply and safety floats for the levels.

It is easy to see that the plan was followed to the letter. The work is up to the expectations of the clients

And you how do you imagine your future swimming pool pump room?

The end