The construction of an infinity swimming pool in Mauritania in one of the poorest African countries and where the workforce is probably the least qualified is a challenge that we agreed to meet.

A few months ago, clients in Mauritania asked us to design plans for their future pool. The project is ambitious: about 4 m wide by 16 m long, waterfall overflow all the way, stepping stones to separate a Jacuzzi from the rest of the pool, salt electrolysis, heating,…


A few weeks later, as they were concerned by the construction process, they proposed us to stay on site and help them in the construction of this swimming pool. The only competent masonry company having proposed an extravagant quote (roughly the same price as in France!). The challenge seemed interesting but we were far from imagining how. Serge Morana was therefore entrusted with the training of the people and the site supervision.

Preliminary phase

First stay of 15 days for the construction of an infinity pool in Mauritania

Two weeks on the spot to get to know the country, its constraints, its labor market and set up all the logistics. Practically no material was available on the local market, so everything had to be imported from the Canary Islands and even from the Spanish peninsula or France pipes 16 bars, pool equipment (pumps, filter, salt chlorinator, heat pump , panel control…) and even the hollow blocks! In short, the only things bought on site were sand, gravel, cement and steel bars. Of course, this step could have been avoided if all the material had been available on the local market.

It had initially been planed to bring masons in from the Canary Islands, but for economic reasons this option was discarded. It was therefore necessary to find local but unskilled workers . This problem was obviated by using hollow blocks; this solution allows easier construction of walls, even over a long length. The only constraint was to import them from Spain.

Main concrete works phase

Second stay of 6 weeks for the construction

The construction phases followed on. In total, the construction phase did not exceed 6 weeks.

For economic reasons but also for lack of machine, the excavation had to be done manually, in the very old fashioned way . In the sand, it’s obviously easier, but I let you imagine the work

Working under our supervision, a local plumber laid the pipes out, tested them and then, the poor concrete slab has been placed.

Welded wire mesh panels were not available, so they were made manually on site. This was followed by the concrete slab pouring and the elevation of the walls.

After 6 weeks, the construction phase of the infinity swimming pool in Mauritania was completed and we left Mauritania to have a well-deserved break.


Finishing stage

Third stay of 4 weeks to finish the masonry (steps, submerged beach, jacuzzi bench, final coating …) and installation of the technical room. The final coating is a fibreglass reinforced polyester made by a local company but with the French process.

In conclusion, the swimming pool was finished without any concession made to the initial project and in only 2 months and half.

And if you too, anywhere in the world, are dreaming of an infinity pool that really overflows and with high-performance equipment, do not hesitate to tell us about your project trough the form on our Contact page. Take 5 minutes to visit this site and discover how we could work for you.

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