With the return of the  beautiful days comes this question: why not a pool project ? … but it is expensive, I would like to build it myself but I do not know how, I would like it to showcase my garden, how to conceive it, ..

If you are asking yourself these questions it’s because you don’t know us yet. By reading this article you will know everything we can do for you and this list is not exhaustive; we gladly accept any new challenge.

You have a clear idea of ​​what your pool project should be

and you need basic pool drawings.

The standard project is made for you. Here you will find the structure plan with the construction details, but also the filtration schematic with the number of nozzles needed and the location of the valves, other plumbing elements and the equipment list. If you are a pool professional or knowledgeable amateur, this file will be enough to build your pool. Anyway, we will always be at your disposal to answer your questions; and, in case of doubt, we can remotely follow your project.

Standard project

To take another example, you have a pool project

but it’s still a vague idea.

Following telephone exchanges or e-mail, we will propose a tailor-made project adapted to your aspirations as well as the environment (architectural style of the house, profile of the land, …). We will provide you with very complete pool drawings:

  • A structural drawing with construction details.
  • A drawing to locate the parts to be sealed in the basin with layout of the pipes according to the location of the technical room.
  • A drawing for the technical room installation according to the exact size of the room.

And finally, a list of equipment and implementation file with important recommendations and advices, as the result of our 30 years’ experience in the swimming pool construction.

As for the previous project, we will always be there to help you punctually or more closely.

It goes without saying that the purpose of these files is to help you to build a pool meeting all your expectations while controlling the costs of works.  We have no doubt that you will achieve it very well.

Custom project

Finally, for a pool project in progress or completed

In this area too you can rely on us! We can offer you a long list of services; In addition, our reduced team allows us to adapt to each situation.


The site monitoring can for example be provided remotely by email or WhatsApp but Serge can also, on request, move on site for long or short terms. For instance, we were able to help customers in Mauritania to build superb infinity pools.

As you have probably understood, this way of working allows substantial savings compared to the price of a turnkey swimming pool; you choose the construction mode, the schedule of works and their calendar. Said shortly everything is under your control to get a beautiful pool made in the rules of art.

On the other hand, thanks to the various websites, the purchase of filtration equipment is a breeze; Of course, there are also savings to be made while choosing the equipment that really suits you.

So now no more excuses to build the pool of your dreams