Many of you are asking about the difference between the plumbing diagram and the pump-room layout. Although both help to install the filtration of a swimming pool, their conceptions are relatively unlike.

Plumbing diagram

This drawing takes into account all the equipment which is part of the pool filtration and place the implements in the right place in relation to each other. The arrival and departure of the pipes between the pool and the room is empirically illustrated. Then, the pump, filter, devices such as the disinfection device, pH control, heating, etc. are placed .

What is the purpose of this scheme?

First, it gives a global idea of the filtration system.

Secondly, the circuit of the water, since its departure from the technical room until its return, is clearly visualized. It is, of course, very important to make sure that the valves and no-return valves are at the right place and none has been forgotten. You forget a non-return valve and a pool can empty. You forget a ball valve and you will be unable to temporarily isolate part of the filtration circuit, for repair or maintenance.

Pump room layout

This is quite another thing. A simple glance between the diagram and the plan below will be enough to convince you.

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An installation plan is made to the exact measurements of the room and all equipment; it means that the length and the width but also the height are taken into account. The plumber who installs the filtration will only have to follow the plan to the letter. No problem of crossing pipes or equipment not entering the technical room. Yes, that too we saw it!

Now I am sure you see the difference and you appreciate it. If you work with a plumber expert in swimming pool, you maybe don’t need an installation plan. On the other hand if you do it yourself or if your plumber is not very smart at doing that, an installation plan will be very useful.

Anyway, have a plan of the filtration in the technical room is very helpful, even essential. More information about our work.

And you? Are you happy on how your swimming pool filtration has been fitted ?

The End