Today, thanks to modern means of communication, many things can be done remotely and this no longer surprises anyone: a meeting between interlocutors located in the four corners of the planet, a surgeon operating a patient several thousand kilometers away, etc.This practice is quite applicable in the construction in general and, in particular, to supervision of swimming pool sites. For many years we have successfully experimented with many customers.

Different cases of figures can occur; this list is not exhaustive but is just to give examples:

  • A customer asks us to realize the plans of his swimming pool but, at the time of the construction, he wishes our support; it does not matter whether he builds it himself or that he entrusts the construction to companies. We have long since realized that even very complete plans are not always enough.
  • Another scenario: a client already has plans made by an architect, in the case of global projects for the majority, and wants the assistance of a pool professional during the construction phase.

You will understand that with this way of working you can save money, but, above all, your pool is built in the rules of art for your entire satisfaction.

Tools used for remote pool construction supervision

We don’t need a special equipment. A camera or a phone for the pictures and the video and an internet connexion. This possibility of intervention has many advantages:

Photos or videos taken and sent to us at key points during the construction process can correct an error, or ensure that the details in the plans have been followed. We respond within 24 hours, or less in case of emergency. Sketches and details drawings are often sent in addition by email or instant messaging.


Remote swimming pool construction supervision

Swimming pool rebar works detail

WhatsApp is easily used, but Skype or FaceTime can also, with remarkable video quality, organize site meetings

Benefits of remote pool construction supervision

  1.  It saves the cost of travel, not only the cost itself, but also the time lost, which is also generally charged.
  2.  It is therefore possible to follow construction sites to thousands of kilometers without “dropping” the client’s budget. Even customers living in countries where no pool builders are present, can therefore benefit from professional advice.
  3. In the event of imponderables on the site, and there are always some, it allows an almost immediate action without waiting for the next meeting of site or the next passage of the person in charge of the work
  4. Thanks to video conferences, site meetings can be done even if the owner is not on site.

Photos or videos can be studied with a clear head; because of the hustle and bustle of construction meetings, mistakes sometimes go unnoticed.

This remote management mission is always proposed in our services and our customers are free to choose it or not, at the beginning or after the realization of the plans, …. More details on how we work

For those whose project scope requires a continuous presence on site, you can visit Serge’s personal website. Do not hesitate to contact him he will be able to advise you what is the best option for you.