Swimming pools and spas experts consultants (MISPE-UK) we have specialized for more than 25 years in the creation, conception and realization or renovation of projects from over the world. Our prestigious references include clients from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We offer you the most effective solution for any problem you are facing. Our independence is your best guarantee.

Do you have a question about technical details or design conception? Are you after some expert advice for the creation of your project? Ask us about it by filling-in the form at the bottom of the page.

You are a private owner

Because we recognize that technical plans are not always the answer you are looking for,  we have developed a set of services specially designed for you.



You are a professional

Our services are also used by architects, landscapers and other construction companies who wish to carry out their swimming pool projects with the assurance that they have ticked all of the right boxes.


Technical brief for the pool building

When a swimming pool is part of a bigger project, the details of the pool is sometimes included as part of the plans for the house. But the hydraulic layouts are rarely included in these documents. We provide you with the location of the pipes, the fittings location, the pump room design and the equipment list . This is an incredibly cost-effective method that allows you to simply hire a plumber and buy the equipment yourself.

Find enterprises

Some of our clients prefer to build their own swimming pools while others would rather allocate the project to a building company and a plumber. The latter is a cheaper alternative compared to a turnkey option. We offer to research the companies most suited to your project, we will then send you precise quotations (3 for the building works and 2 for the filtration works).

Compare quotes

Comparing quotes can be confusing : the technical terms, the fear of additional works during the construction, the unnecessary options … For clients who have not required our assistance finding the right enterprises for their project, we are here to study the proposals and write a report that will simplify the decision making process.

Supervision of the works

Whether you have decided to build your own swimming pool or have gone through a company, it is always possible to ask for our help. Pictures, videos, questions via email or phone allow us to guide you towards the perfect realisation of your project  – while avoiding the additional works and the budget busters.

Swimming pool survey

If your pool is no longer working, our goal is to draw up a report on the state of the pool and the remedial works needed to make it operational again. Our impartial report always proposes the most adequate recommendations, either for a renovation (masonry, sealing, filtration, tiles …)or for a demolition (depending on its condition).

Swimming pool upgrade

Once you own your own pool, you are often tempted to refurbish it; replace skimmers with an overflow, creating a  submerged beach, ect.. You can use our form below to explain us your project and send us photos of the existing pool. Then we will be able to come up with a proposal responding to your expectations and clearly outlining the steps needed to achieve this upgrade.

Operational problems

Design flaws or the age of the pool can often prevent its proper functioning. We can help you to identify the source of the malfunction and offer a solution to your problem. Our interest will not be to propose you the most expensive repair, but the one that will give you full satisfaction.

Litigation with the builders

We are often contacted for these kinds questions. Most of time, it comes from a simple misunderstanding or a problem that can be easily solved.  More often than not, everything can be resolved through a friendly agreement. Because of the inherent complexity of these kinds of projects,  it is not advisable to engage in legal proceedings.

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