A personalized pool project is, first and foremost, an idea. From the plot plan and photos that you send us, we’ll give you a first concept idea. Then, with your agreement, we will send you the corresponding construction plans and section. However, you’ll be able to get in one time all the modifications you want.

Our idea will be  the starting point of your project!


It is not always easy to picture  what your finished project will look like. Understanding a plan or a section is not necessarily simple. That’s why you have the option to ask us for a sketch or a 3D video. Of course, this has a cost, but it is sometimes an indispensable expense to be able to discuss in details the project and its possible changes.

A freehand sketch or a 3D video will speak volumes compared to a single plan.


But, what good will a plan and a sketch do without the hydraulic schematic, fittings locations, lighting guidelines and the design of the pump room itself. With our advice and information on construction, materials and equipment, you will be able to select the companies, purchase the equipment and easily follow the progress of your project.

The Essentials! Piping layout, technical room, equipment details, etc…


The construction of your project is the last step. You could ask a contractor to carry out the works, but you may also want to build
yourself, alone or with friends.  In that case, you might have questions. Not to worry, our online assistance service will be there to support you regardless of the issue that you face.  Take a look at our consultant page to see how we can help you !

You will never be alone during your construction !

Premium Services

You want to meet Serge Morana in person and share with him, in a face-to-face conversation, your ideas and your dreams.
No doubt he will be able to portray with a free hand sketching what you have in mind.
Then you would probably like comprehensive support and advice on the pool building : companies selection and an on-site presence from the start of the works through to the commissioning.

Serge Morana has been doing this for over 25 years and he can do it for you too.

Please visit Serge Morana’s website for more information

Creative Water Design 

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Ask for your personalized concept idea

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Share your ideas

To propose you our idea and a quotation, we need to know more about your project: its approximate size but also the desired options such as submerged beach, roller shutter, heating, water treatment, etc. The location of the pump room is also important. Feel free to use the space below to share with us all of your ideas but also to tell us what you do not want..

Send your files

Pictures of the facade of the House (facing the pool) and the plot are needed. A parcel plan is also necessary. It can be handmade, but it is important to mark at least one known measurement, to help us to deduce the others. Please indicate the possible slopes and the place of your future swimming pool. These documents can be uploaded in the section below.