Last year, a French couple called on us to help them build their own swimming pool. This was a large project in Spain. Having two masons and one plumber at their disposal, they had decided not to call a swimming pool builder and supervise themselves the works.

This enabled them to buy the equipment, get reductions from suppliers and manage the works progress. The only problem was that neither them nor the workers had any experience in the swimming pool construction.

Therefore they asked us not only to design all the plans, but also to follow remotely the works. Indeed, it was out of the question for us to increase the budget with regular and expensive traveling expenses.

Project features:

  • A 16 meters long by 6 meters wide Infinity swimming pool with a sloping bottom from 1,30 m to 2,60m. An overflowing child pool : 4 meters by 2 meters.
  • Construction with 27 cm hollow concrete blocks.
  • Pump room and balancing tank built against the pool.
  • A 40 m3/h filtration (2 groups of filtrations) with salt sterilization
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polyester interior lining by a local company.

The pre-construction steps

With the photos of the plot and the owner’s wishes, we have drawn up the necessary plans for the execution of this project. See them below in the gallery to let you know the scope of the project. Of course the plans are in French but we can do the same in English and Spanish too.

Of course the hydraulic layouts have not been forgotten. They included the water lines from the pump room to the pool as well as the schematic for the installation of the equipment. The sketches of details have often been helpful in clarifying what we expected from the mason or the plumber. We will recall that the owners had  no notion of construction. It’s getting better now.

The construction

These photos, plus many others, let us remotely follow the works. Skype was very helpful for the site meetings, thus helping us verify the respect of our instructions or solve some unexpected issues.

Started in April 2016, this project has just finished. Because it was better to wait until the sunny days to apply the polyester, the works have been stopped from September 2016 to April 2017. The application of the polyester was therefore carried out during the last month.

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The result is above our clients expectations. The satisfaction with being able to carry out the project is important but the significant savings are greater still.


The End